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The Glasurit lifetime warranty

Glasurit, known worldwide for superiority in technology and quality, also stands as a leader in warranty protection. Car owners' demands and expectations continue to increase, and progressive collision repair facilities must offer features that put them a step above other shops. The Glasurit Lifetime Warranty program provides the sales tools needed to compete successfully against other shops.

Lifetime Protection for Our Customers

With Glasurit, your estimates can include the attraction of lifetime warranty coverage on all Glasurit finishes. BASF warrants these finishes against cracking, hazing, chalking, fading, and peeling for as long as the customer owns the car.

You cannot offer a stronger incentive than that to put customers' minds at ease and win their confidence. Shop quality and warranty protection are the major factors influencing car owners in choosing a collision repair facility, and Glasurit helps you meet those customer needs and close more sales.

The Glasurit Warranty Difference

Glasurit has historically been an industry leader in innovative warranty programs for collision repair facilities and their car owner customers.

  • Consider the advantages of today's Glasurit warranty program
  • Backed in writing by BASF, a world leader in
  • OEM and refinish technology
  • Increased shop productivity through Glasurit Warranty Painter Certification Training

Glasurit helps you make the most of these advantages with an exceptional marketing support package, which includes sales literature, manuals, certificates, outdoor signage (optional), and more: everything you need to use the Glasurit Lifetime Warranty to attract more business, close more sales, and ensure the satisfaction of the most demanding customers.

Friendly and Very Experienced Team

Our team is always helpful. We do a professional job using top quality paints parts and equipment and making sure your vehicle is delivered back to you looking its best.

  Our Services

  •  All insurnace & private repairs
  •  Customer friendly & professional staff
  •  Full Accident Recovery Service
  •  Courtesy Car Service to "Not At Fault" claims
  •  Minor cosmetic repairs
  •  Paintless dent removal
  •  Vehicle body alignment
  •  Steering and wheel alignment
  •  Colour paint matching
  •  Classic car restoration
  •  Fibreglassrepair & bonding
  •  Aluminum welding using latest equipment
  •  Alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment
  •  Leather refurbishment & Interior repairs
  •  Windscreen replacement and chip repair
  •  100% Life time workmanship garantee

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